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Can Children Get Gout

Also known as the “rich man’s disease”, gout is caused by eating excessive amounts of seafood and red meat, along with alcohol. It therefore gets it’s nickname due to the fact that only people with a large enough income to consume such things could ever do so in the past. Capitalism and commercialism have changed this however, increasing the risk of gout amongst the common man by making things like meat, seafood and alcohol more affordable to purchase.

As they often last longer in storage than fresh vegetables, people have adopted these as staples rather than luxuries in their diets. In addition to the myriad of other problems this causes, the risk of gout in adults and children is now higher than ever before.

Dietary habits are taught by parents in the meals that they serve and the frequency in which they serve them. Therefore it is important to teach children proper eating habits in order to avoid gout before they reach adulthood. While children are not at immediate risk for contracting gout, their eating habits can cause buildup that will cause increased risk of gout at a younger age. Ensure that the recent scientific knowledge about eating habits is applied to your child’s daily routine rather than the old pyramid or wheel forms. Vegetables and fruit should served as two-thirds of every meal, while meat and starches like potatoes and pasta should be only a small portion. Try to fill their daily grain requirements in the early part of the day with low-sugar breakfast cereal, and do not have them eat too close to bed.

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