Hair Loss And Its Causes

One of the many worries is a problem of hair loss. As per the belief of many people, hair loss does not occur only in the later years. Though it can be experienced when you get older, but hair loss may affect even the younger generation.,Hair growth normally goes through a fairly steady progress of growing, resting, and shedding. It is said that at any moment, up to 90% of a person’s hair is growing and the other 10% is resting. As hair falls out, a new strand grows in the empty follicle, continuing the cycle. For some, the process is not quite as regular.,Hair loss and thinning hair is common in many people and the causes for it are several. One such cause could be hereditary. You might experience loss hair dramatically if your family has it, and if it has come to you as a gift.,Chances of hair loss are high due to the fast paced society as well. That is, if you lead a stressful life and your day to day activities are very hectic, then the chances for hair loss also increase according to your life style.,Hormone imbalances are also a known cause of hair loss. In men, an abundance of the hormone known as DHT is known to cause problems with hair loss. As a man’s hair naturally sheds itself, what are known as DHT receptor sites build up in the follicles. The excess DHT builds up in the follicle and over time causes the follicles to shrink. With each hair cycle, the follicles get smaller. Eventually, the follicle is too small to let hair through, resulting in thinning hair and ultimately hair loss.,Women can also be affected by excess DHT in their bodies, but to a lesser extent. The presence of estrogen helps curb the effects of DHT.,But there are many other causes that may lead to hair loss problems in women, such as pregnancy or taking pills for birth control may cause hormonal changes in women. These changes will affect some women and causes hair loss. When a woman is pregnant, there are certain hormones which are produced in high levels. Such hormones generated will halt the hair growth process in the resting stage. After the hormones regain after pregnancy the process continues and these extra hair will fall off. Which might seem like hair loss, but it is the natural part of pregnancy.,Anyone who is experiencing sudden hair loss or thinning should consult a dermatologist. Sometimes hair loss can be the result of certain types of infections, like diabetes or lupus. In these cases, catching the disease early is very important.,Hair loss can be an embarrassing situation for anyone, young or old. But there are things that can be done to stop hair loss and even re-grow lost hair. If you find yourself experiencing hair loss, see your dermatologist.