Do Skin Moisturizers Help or Hurt Your Skin?

There are effective skin moisturizers for eczema and other conditions that are also safe. Moisturizing is an effective part of any skincare regimen, regardless of the skin’s type. Body lotions and facial creams should be used after showering, shaving or removing makeup at night.,Cleanse But Moisturize,Cleansers are designed to remove old oil and dead cells. Removing those things is important to prevent blemishes and infected hair follicles, but after they are removed, the skin is particularly susceptible to damage from sun, wind and pollution. Moisturizing ingredients protect you from those things.,Dry Skin & Oily Skin – Why?,Most companies make special skin moisturizers for dry skin. Most people with more oiliness think that they don’t need to use something after showering. I hear many people say that they don’t like to use lotions because they feel greasy. But, that greasy feeling is caused by petroleum-based oils that are not similar to the skin’s own. Natural vegetable oils do not cause that feeling.,Is Your Cleanser Your Skin Problem,In addition to effective skin moisturizers for eczema, there are other steps that you can take. One of the most common ingredients in body wash and soap is sodium lauryl sulfate. It is also a common allergen, but does not cause immediate itching. So, people are often unaware that the cause of their problem is their cleanser. Look for natural, non-irritating cleansers, such as colloidal oatmeal.,What is Eczema?,Eczema is a form of dermatitis or inflammation of the skin. The common skin moisturizers for dry skin do not contain anything that would address that inflammation. So, doctors often prescribe steroids to reduce inflammation and antihistamines to reduce itching. If you get rid of the cause of the itching and use ingredients that are soothing natural anti-inflammatories than you may be able to avoid the use of those prescription drugs, as well as the side effects that they cause. For example, steroid use can cause acne.,Safe Solution for Eczema,One company began developing skin moisturizers for dry skin aimed specifically at dermatitis. They have found that their creams are effective skin moisturizers for eczema, can be used on any skin-type and are non-allergenic. They call their active ingredient Functional Keratin.,Safest, Most Effective Ingredient,Unlike other skin moisturizers for dry skin, Functional Keratin has been shown in clinical studies to reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of a biochemical that causes it. It’s called PGE2 and Functional Keratin inhibits its production by 70%.,Anti-Aging Bonus,Originally, the compound was developed for use in skin moisturizers for eczema and other forms of dermatitis. But, as they conducted clinical studies, they learned that the compound also has an incredible anti-aging affect. In increases the production of new cells, acts as an antioxidant and improves firmness.,It is one of the most effective skin moisturizers for dry skin, because it actually increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture. That’s something new.,As you shop for skin moisturizers for eczema, learn to read the label of ingredients. Cosmetic companies, particularly those in the US, include a lot of hazardous chemicals that can cause problems in later years. All natural is the safest choice. For more information see my website.